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In His Hands

The Hands that made the world and gave the sun and moon their light are the tiny Hands of a baby born one cold December night...

The Hands that stilled the wind and tamed the fury of the sea are the calloused Hands of a carpenter who lived in poverty..

The Hands that held the power to break the binding chains of sin are the gentle Hands that washed the feet of tired and dusty men...

The Hands that cleansed the leper, healed the blind and raised the dead are the praying Hands of one who cried, “Not My will, but Thine instead,.”

The Hands that shaped the universe and flung the stars in space are the nail-pierced Hands of a dying man who suffered in our place...

The Hands of our Creator, Lord and King of Heaven above, are the Savior’s Hands, forever reaching out to us with love.

B. J. Hoff


 Last updated  April 09, 2016