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The heart and soul of Christianity

The letters of the Apostle Paul regarding faith and grace is at the heartbeat of Christianity

In our culture faith has been reduced to believing on something, or more exactly hoping. But is this the meaning of faith that the Apostle Paul wrote as inspired by the Holy Spirit?

The Greek word Pistis translated into English is faith. Pistis is not hoping that something is true. Pistis is ABSOLUTELY knowing without seeing the outcome that something is true. It requires a forward ACTION based upon an absolute belief that God and his word are true. It involves every ounce of your total being.

Many believe on Christ, having the thought that if they are nice and do all the rigth things they will go to heaven. However the naughty children of God are to be tortured in horrible pain being burned alive in the furnace of hell for eternity. As if that was not enough torture, God is going to allow the devil to dress up in a red outfit to stab his naughty children with a pitchfork while their bodies are burning.

Sadly most of Christianity teaches that a loving God would actually do this to his children. Even the most cruel of human behavior is not that sick and low. Well perhaps Adolph Hitler might have reached that level.

For Christian Religions to teach on one hand God is Loving, Kind, Gentle, but then on the other hand God is some kind of pathalogical insane murderer, of people who could not measure up to his standard, is nothing more than teaching the traditions of man.

Letís stop making the word of God void by the vain traditions of man. Letís get back to real Christianity, not the doctrines of man. Christianity cannot be defined by a set of rules of what you eat, or wear, or any other legalistic ritual. It simply cannot be defined in a legalistic approach to perfectionism. Christianity is not just nice thoughts or good deeds.

Neither is Cristianity just a point of view. We have to quit thinking of God as some kind of adult version of Santa Claus. God is REAL, not a mystical unknown make believe floating ghost of vain religion.

Christianity can only be defined in terms
Of a personal relationship with God,
Similar to a marriage relationship.
Not an outward freak show!

It is totally impossible for man to obtain righteousness by his works. We will always fall short of Godís standard. God knowing that we cannot measure up to his standard created another way for us to obtain a righteous relationship with him.

It is not by the works of man, but the Works of God.
It is a free and loving gift that we do not deserve.

It is the Gift of Grace. The meaning of Grace is unmerited favor. Grace is not measured in "thou must do this, and thou shalt not do that." Man cannot administer Grace. It came from and is administered by God. We have done nothing to deserve it. It simply is impossible to please God by works.

To know this is to take action! It requires your whole being put forward in action.

Faith then is an Action
Based upon an Absolute Unshakable Belief
In God and his Word to be true.

Faithing and Grace work hand-in-hand. Grace is complete and absolute forgiveness. It is God's proclamation of your innocence for you placing your trust in him. When God looks upon you he sees you as Jesus Christ in innocence.

But Grace does not just stop at forgiveness. Grace is also God placing a literal part of himself inside of you, even as he took a part of Adam and created Eve.

He will literally deposit a portion of his life inside of you to make a new and unique creation. A literal Son of God. This is not just a figurative statement.

It is real and literal, God living inside of you producing eternal life!

Grace is the state of innocence and peace that Adam and Eve enjoyed in the garden before the fall. It is exactly as the Apostle Paul described it in the books of Romans, Hebrews and Galations. Man supplies the Faith and God supplies the unmerited gift of Grace. This is the Heart and Soul of the Good News (Gospel) of Jesus Christ and the basis of Christianity.

This is the Power of God unto Salvation.


 Last updated  April 09, 2016